All Black Scorpio Birthday Bash at Resorts World Casino New York


All Black Scorpio     

     Last night Entrigue Magazine attended the All Black Scorpio Birthday Bash at Resorts World Casino New York. The Entrigue team consisted of Keri D. Singleton, Gregory Turner, Mike “Justyn Tyme” Loyd, and myself. Once we got there we spoke with DJ Tommie Allen and DJ Lance who was extremely busy trying to make sure all aspects of the event was going as planned and at the same time tackling issues as they presented themselves. As the crowd began trickling in around the 9pm time, the Entrigue team had to wait a while to get situated and seated but eventually we were escorted to the VIP section and I was granted access near the stage entrance to get what shots I needed as Buddy Wike, Rochelle Fleming, and Al B Sure entered and exited.  


The DJs were doing a fantastic job spinning the night’s music, combining the best of classic 90’s R&B music with classic hip Tommie Allen hop. As I looked around the crowd was definitely enjoying themselves and look to not have a care in the world as they danced, drank, and patiently awaited the night’s performances. 

Finally it was time for the performances to begin. The master of ceremony introduced the first act but unfortunately I did not catch the name of the up and coming R&B artist. Next on stage was the beautiful and talented vocalist Rochelle Fleming. Fleming took us back to the days of the Philadelphia R&B Soul trio First Choice with popular tracks that made the group a success throughout the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. The audience showed Fleming tremendous love with loud applauses, shout outs of appreciation, and simply dancing as they watched Fleming on stage.


Next out was Clinton Buddy Wike of Intro. Wike also performed a few tracks that made the group Intro a success back in the 90’s. Wike wasn’t on the performance list so it was a pleasant surprise tosee him step on stage. Wike is also in the current issue of Entrigue Magazine in an exclusive interview. The issue is the October/November 2016 issue still avaialable. Wikes performance on stage was well received by the audience and his performance as also was full of energy as Wikes moved back and forth across the most of stage along with the other gentleman that performed along with Wike.   

Clinton Buddy Wike

At last, what the crowd has been waiting for, Mr. Al B. Sure. The Master of Ceremony focused the audience’s attention to the multiple television screens positions throughout the room. The screens were playing a video that captured key moments and performances throughout the career of Al B. Sure as an introduction. I thought the video was well put together. It also had clips of today’s music artist that mentioned Al B. Sure’s name in their lyrics. As the video ended, Al B. Sure entered the stage along with his son Lil B. Sure. Al B. Sure performed fan favorites “Off On Your Own”, “Night & Day”, and “Secret Garden” which he performed from within the crowd off stage along with Lil B. Sure. The fans enjoyed the entire performance and gave a thunderous applause when it was over and as Al B. Sure exited the stage. 

Al B.Sure

The entire event was a success and ended with DJ Lance, and DJ Tommie Allen closing out with hype dance mixes.  Entrigue looks forward to their next event.

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