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Dwayne 'Stain' of the Stain Dem Family Promotes His New Dance Move!



Stain Dem Family in not the usual group found in the Entertainment industry where artistes and musicians blend vocals, harmonies and melodies to create a sound.  This group instead, blends talent with each member contributing individual skills and unique quality to produce and promote successful events throughout their Duhaney Park community and across Kingston.

The popularity of the group has much to do with the success of each member’s personal achievement whereas Suh Sick the DJ is the vibes master and gets party goers into frenzy while Gabre the selector rocks the house and Stainthe Dancer is recognized in the Dancehall for his ability to skillfully and energetically articulate a Dance move.


The name STAIN was conceptualized by Dwayne Stephenson after which the members agreed that STAIN DEM FAMILY was most appropriate for a group name. Dwayne, being the Dancer was not a decision taken from inception but was found to be his unique talent after taking a decision to entertain a crowd at one of the STAINDEM FAMILY event because Dancers who were billed to perform at the show did not show.  As it turned outDwayne opted to entertain the crowd who were pleasantly surprised at his dancing skills and so he became ‘STAIN’ the dancer in the group.

Stain is now ready to introduce is owned choreographed dance move, he calls it ‘Stain Dem.’   He explained that he specifically created the dance, “after realizing that many of the current moves are unfavorable to the average person” because it is either stigmatized or simply too complicated and sometimes inappropriate for certain events. “Stain Dem is an easy move where the individual sway and rock the body to the left and right while swinging the arms to any beat.  Confident about his career choice and looking to go much further, Dwayne ‘Stain’ has now hit the street with the move, “promotion is key, so I have to be out there dancing so that people become familiar with the move.  It is also important that they know who created it” said Stain.

The Stain Dem dance has already gone viral among fans, well wishers and the many party fans Dwayne Stain has introduced it to.  Now the plan is to have the Jamaican Entertainment Industry favor the move.  “It’s going to take much work and this might not be the one but could very well be the break I need to excel in this business” said a smiling Dwayne ‘STAIN.’