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Earlier this year Chanté Moore released her lead single “Real One” then in September she released "Something To Remember" from the “The Rise of The Phoenix” which was released this October. This album, “The Rise of The Phoenix”, is Moore’s 7th studio album. Both tracks continued to be fan favorites and continues to be in heavy rotation on the majority of the major radio stations nationally and internationally. I caught up with Moore for an in-depth interview about her latest project and her journey.  



DB: Yes, and it definitely sounds like you’re proud of this new album however, is there one track on that album you would tell music fans you have to listen to this track, and why that track?


CM: No. I would say it’s a journey. That’s the first thing they will hear, “welcome to the Journey”. Because it’s not just about one song. It really is about going from start to the end. I love “Real One”, I love my song called “Saving Grace”, I love “Back to Life”, I love, oh gosh, “Something to Remember”. There’s so many songs on there. I believe from “We Up” to, oh gosh there’s so many great songs. I love them all but I think it’s about the journey. It’s about taking every song and feeling the emotion, feeling what I’m saying, and really taking it in and going to the next song. Maybe it’s about ripping it and doing your own order or whatever it is for you. Because there are songs to dance to, songs to make love to, there are songs to just listen to, there are songs to encourage you and songs to put on and just drive. I think part of what people love about my music is that they take the whole ride. I hear a lot of people say they take my album and they go on road trips so I think you should try it. {Both Laugh}




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