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I am the baby of four boys and a "daddy's girl", born in Hawaii and raised in Tampa,Fl. I later moved to Birmingham,Al where my mom resides and completed high school and received my bachelors degree at Miles College and my Masters degree at the University of West Alabama.
I am in love with God, my kids, family, money, shoes, and shopping! Enjoy making other people smile and/or happy, very humble...never insecure, gullible, jaded, or run behind anyone...observe my surroundings...give an individual the benefit of the doubt...dislike liars and users...always keeping my enemies or haters closer...learning to "have fun" lol and live life to it's fullest....loving SELF!!!! Knowing who I am as a person and never worry about being accepted but I try to keep positive individuals around me.




Age: 29

Height: 54

Weight: 140

Birthdate: April 13

Measurements: 36, 28, 40

Ethnicity: Black

Favorite Artist: R.Kelly

Hometown/ Location: TAMPA,FL/located Birmingham,Al

Credits: Bachelor of Art degree in English and Masters Degree in Psychology

Twitter URL: www.twitter.com/shellrapstar
Facebook URL: www.Facebook.com/1beauty2









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