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ClubMaster Steele's: Hip Hop Xplosion #1

Hip Hop Xplosion #1
Track 1 Shyne Bad Boy Anthem
Track 2 Eminem Who Knew
Track 3 LL Cool J LL Cool J
Track 4 Snoop Dogg Just Dippin
Track 5 Dr. Dre Fuck You
Track 6 Ice Cube Pushin Weight (Inst)
Track 7 Tash Pimping Aint Easy
Track 8 Ice Cube Pushin Weight (Vocal)
Track 9 DMX Catz Don’t Know
Track 10 De La Soul Oooh!
Track 11 Amel Larrieux Sweet Misery
Track 12 JD I've Got To Have It
Track 13 T.I.P. 2 Glock 9
Track 14 Ruff Ryders Ride & Die Bitch
Track 15 Tony Touch No, No, No
Track 16 Eminem The Real Slim Shady
Track 17 Ruff Endz No More(Steele Mix)
Track 18 Nas/Ginuwine You Owe Me
Track 19 Tracey Lee Go Head
Track 20 Ruff Endz No More
Track 21 F.R.O.G.G. FreeStyle

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