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ClubMaster Steele's: Midnight Romance #10

Midnight Romance #10

Track 1 Mark Anthony My Baby You
Track 2 Will Downing Everytime It Rains
Track 3 Teddy Pendergrass Give It to Me
Track 4 Gerald LeVert Mr Too Damn Good
Track 5 Tony Braxton Speaking In Tongue
Track 6 Kelly Price She Wants You
Track 7 Brian McKnight Your Love Is Ooh
Track 8 Brian McKnight Stay
Track 9 Darnell Jones Where I Wanna Be
Track 10 Joe I Wanna Know
Track 11 Kelly Price As We Lay
Track 12 Natalie Cole Snowfall On The Sahara
Track 13 Gerald Alston I'll Go Crazy
Track 14 Will Downing A Moment Away
Track 15 Jagged Edge Lets Get Married
Track 16 Glenn Jones Show Me
Track 17 Luther Vandross (Fade) Always & Forever

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