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True staples of culture are passed down from generation to generation. Therefore it was only a matter of time before Hip Hop became something you could be born and bred into; something you could call fate as opposed to chance. Aundrus Poole born on August 2, 1983 in Fort Hood, Texas has been blessed to be one of the few whose path in Hip Hop was declared before he knew otherwise. Introduced to music at the age of 5 by his father, a piano player and manager of a local Texas rap group, Aundrus grew up with an intimate knowledge of music as well as the music business.

Growing up listening to Hip Hop pioneers such as Eazy-E, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, Aundrus was inspired by these men but he wanted to develop his own rap style. By 9th grade, Aundrus was hosting freestyle sessions in the middle of the cafeteria during lunch creating beats with pens and showing everyone his signature style. While in college at Angelo State University, his fellow football teammate who also produced music encouraged Aundrus to start writing down his songs instead of only free styling. They both began recording music and became instant local celebrities.

After graduating from Angelo State University with a bachelor degree in criminal justice, his mom wanted him to stay home and continue his education in Texas but Aundrus committed himself to not letting his craft die. He started his newfound full-time career in music by building his own studio in his closet at home in Round Rock, Texas where he was self-taught to engineer his own music. Aundrus realized that his passion for music was really an insight to his future. His foundation was grounded so he knew he had to seek out what he was destined for -greatness.

At the end of 2006, Aundrus discovered the world of acting. On his first ever audition he was casted as series regular for three seasons as “Reggie Seale” on the hit NBC TV show Friday Night Lights. Aundrus was also featured in commercials for AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Dodge and NIKE. Quickly after building a credible resume, Aundrus decided it was time to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting full-time. He and his father packed a U-Haul and drove to Los Angeles with nothing but faith and ambition to make his career official.

In 2009, Aundrus appeared in his first feature film, Harmony and Me. He kept his musical talents intact by performing his first show in Los Angeles at the legendary Key Club on the Sunset Strip. Blowing the crowd away with his stage presence, Aundrus was inspired to start writing more diversely and went on to write a song called “Working Girls” for a TV show called, Tour Girls.

Now with more knowledge and experience, Aundrus progresses in the both acting and music with more passion and meaning. Aundrus has delved deep in love with the entertainment industry and has become more insightful as a talent. He continues to live out the dream to bring hope for others.

Aundrus is managed my Emee Calpito of Prophet Group Worldwide and is currently working on new music that is expected to bring a breathe of fresh air to Hip Hop music with his alluring charisma.

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