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Charlie Boy "Look Good"


OGPR is very proud to announce the recent inclusion of Texas phenom, Chalie Boy, to our artist roster; in fact, we are tickled pink. The best music, of any genre, comes up slowly, percolating in the streets until BAM! its time is right, all the stars align and its a smash, making it all look like it happened overnight. Such is the case with Chalie Boy whose single, I Look Good, has amassed over 6.5 million radio impressions and counting to date. How did this happen when no one was looking? Simply put, Chalie Boy has talent. He can certainly hold his own lyrically with his rap game but Chalie Boy can also sing his a** off; reminiscent of an old blues singer with tales of woe aplenty. In fact, I have had my eye on Chalie Boy for quite some time.

Hailing from a small Texas town, with the ethos that goes with that upbringing, Chalie Boy is achieving his success the old-fashioned way; hard work. A visit to his MySpace page will make the years of grind immediately evident. Over the years, with the solid business team of Dirty 3rd Records' DJ Bull and manager Brian Dibble, behind him, Chalie Boy has systematicaly dropped mixtapes, done shows, written hooks and networked; shaking all the right hands and kissing all the right babies. Well, it worked. We are paying attention.

Chalie Boy's self-titled album is slated for a spring 2010 release via Dirty 3rd/Jive/Battery/JLG. Meanwhile his vocal talents will be showcased via an all-original mixtape, available Christmas Eve for free download, entitled simply, I'm Here.

Chalie Boy is indeed here; no dances, no gimmicks, just talent and personally, my money's on the fact that he is here to stay.