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“Don’t Trip” hails the lyrically centered “LC” (Lavon Collins) as he bursts on scene of the rap game. Born and raised in Bronx, New York, Lavon Collins professionally known as LC began to develop his love for music. LC and his younger sister where taught early in life to follow their dreams. LC began to follow his dreams and explore his passion for music when he moved to Jerome Ave in Bronx NY. Surrounded by poverty and crime, LC decided to take a different route. His mother and father raised him and gave him a keyboard at the age of 12; there he began to nurture what has now become his musical career.

His influences included Rakim, Kool G Rap, KRS One, 2Pac, and Nas. As LC’s passion for music grew, he began writing and making beats on a keyboard. LC’s writing reflected LC’s mentor “ALM” who taught him to compose and arrange music. LC then began recording in his apartment where they produced and duplicated their music. He did local shows, performed at parties from “Sound View” to Bronx Park East and has created a buzz for himself performing in rap showcases throughout NYC. Now managed by Artists-First Entertainment LLC, LC is realizing his dream.

L.C. has a heart for hip-hop. While artists are coming into the game like it’s a game or trying to find fortune and fame alone, L.C. is in it because he loves the music and has a message that he wants to unleash on the world. Lyrical icons like Rakim, Kool G Rap, KRS One, 2Pac and Nas, have influenced L.C. to follow in their footsteps and develop the kind of passion for true hip-hop that’s long been absent from the game; and that has been replaced with a blinged-out, fast-car driving, video-obsessed world of contemporary rap music. But L.C. is committed to changing the game; and he plans to take his career to the next level one solid story at a time.

L.C.’s next level includes securing a single deal on Street Scholar Music Group; which will be distributed by Bungalo/Universal. His red-hot single, “Don't Trip,” features R&B sensation Donell Jones, from the forthcoming digital compilation, “DigiComp Vol II,” and will be released on digital outlets and ringtones globally on January 26, 2010. But the next level for L.C. has catapulted to another level. After opening for such artists as Full Force, Rob Base, Bell Biv DeVoe (BBD), and Nina Sky at Foxwoods Resort, 2009 began with L.C. sharing the stage with his icon, Rakim, for several shows.

With all of the opportunities that lie ahead for L.C., from modeling to product endorsements to concert tours, he still has a greater vision for himself and the world of hip-hop. Hip-hop matters to L.C. So L.C. considers all that matters to hip-hop with every song and every story he tells:

“We are artists on a mission. How can we help out while we are talking to the people? How can we feed the people and give them something that they can grow with in their lives. The drinking, degrading of women, that lifestyle isn’t all of hip-hop. It’s Saturday night and we live a whole life. I’m making music for everybody."

L.C.’s forthcoming CD, spring 2010, is appropriately titled “The Next Big Thing.”


1) “Dear Mama”: 2 Pac - (“The message and the impact”)

2) “Know The Ledge”: Rakim - (“Inspiring”)

3) “Black Girl Lost”: Nas – (“The best storyteller of all time”)

4) “Never Would Have Made It”: Marvin Sapp (“It speaks to my soul”)

5) “Through The Wire”: Kanye West (“He used a song to change his life”)


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