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A.C.E. "Angel, Christine, Ella"


Now you see them, now you don’t.  These three sisters from California, Angel (18), Christine (20) and Ella (19), came together to form the group: A.C.E.  Maureen Singleton discovered these young ladies while on the internet. The producers on the groups current project are Gordon Chambers, Ric Wake and Jason “J-Vibe” Farmer. Together with the help of Maureen, A.C.E. plans to be the next pop girls group who will hit the top of the pop charts running!

With the guidance from their Manager, Maureen Singleton and Production company Auntz Production, INC. A.C.E. will be the next group to make it on a global scale becoming major trend setters and a brand that will have marketing geniuses’ minds swirling. With a vision to travel the world, A.C.E. will be the biggest international sensation as they represent a positive empowerment image for all girls around the world from ages 7 to 23.  The name is A.C.E., let the journey begin!


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