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Kristen Williams is an aspiring young artist from Fort Worth, Texas. She learned her love of music from her dad, who would play the guitar for the family. Highly interested in the beauty and art of picking that 12 string that her dad would play, at the age of 15, she picked up the guitar herself. From here she really learned the love of music.

She didn!t waste any time and jumped right in playing for the crowds. Joining the church youth band not only scored her some free advanced guitar lessons from her youth pastor Scott Athey, but also got her used to being in front of quite a few people. In the summers the youth group would go on mission trips across America where of course she would play for other collaborating churches, people at retirement homes, children!s homes, and even a few homeless shelters.

In High School, Kristen took many opportunities that presented themselves to her. One of which was joining the choir where she excelled and learned skills that helped her development of her unique voice. Quickly gaining the attention of the instructor, she was able to land a couple amazing solos. During her other classes, she couldn!t help but doodle her endless lyrics that would pop into her head into her notebook. These lyrics are influenced by the day to day activities of people her age such as best friends, relationships, & break-ups.

After only three months of training, she was already hitting the studios to record a few of her projects. She first recorded with the highly skilled Ron Dilulio. Ron was a positive influence on her growth by bringing her from just a solo acoustic artist to the idea of a full band performance. Other instruments such as the violin, piano, and drums were used in the recording process. She later recorded a few more songs with three time grammy award winner Phil York.

She quickly began seeking out opportunities to play in front of more local crowds by booking any shows that came her way. Playing all over the metroplex of DFW, TX Kristen became very popular in the music scene gaining a solid fan base. She was recognized by Stephen Jerzak of Universal Republic Records and was invited out to perform at Bamboozle 2010 and even lent her vocals on a couple of his recorded tracks. She has also lent vocals to very popular song “Start With Today” by Before Their Eyes of Rise Records. She has spent time co-writing with John Vesley of Secondhand Serenade and Runner Runner of Capitol Records.

Becoming more and more involved everyday Kristen started collecting her own home studio equipment and says her favorite way to spend her time is to write and record her music in her very bedroom.

Kristen is continuously exploring new possibilities in the world of music, and is actively seeking her next experience and influence.


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