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AnnMarie Fox


AnnMarie Fox (aka RedFox) has been singing and dancing since she could remember.  Her earliest memories are from her elementary school in Brooklyn, doing the "running man" on stage and participating in dance segments at only 4 years old in Kindergarden.  AnnMarie's parents were responsible for instilling music in her whilst in the womb.   AnnMarie loved mimicking Michael Jackson, played his concerts on VHS repeatedly, and danced to and sang whenever and wherever she could. She was instantly bit by the performance bug.


At the fresh age of 8, AnnMarie's mother saw the need to hone her daughter's talents and enrolled her in Brooklyn's Dove Dance Productions which included training in tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and vocals.  Hip-Hop and Vocal Classes became AnnMarie's favorites.  Though the training was cut short due to their move to North Carolina, AnnMarie initiated choreography around the neighborhood, having girls participate in dance recitals and also started performing at gatherings with friends and family.

By age 12, AnnMarie was writing, arranging and performing her own songs at weddings and gatherings.  During her teen years, she participated in many talent shows in and out of high school being recognized as a great performer and Dance Diva.


AnnMarie's hard work is far from over.  She has been generating views and hits on YouTube, took advantage of Myspace Music in addition to choreographing her own routines to her own songs.  As a result, it propelled AnnMarie for headlining fashion shows, opening up for the likes of Case, Lil Mo, and Ruben Studdard.  In early 2010, AnnMarie has also participated in a VH1 dance program showcasing some of her dance skills.

Currently working on her album, AnnMarie's material will be ranging from real life instances combined with feel good music.  AnnMarie loves life, loves to dance, and enjoys spending time with  people most important to her.  The long awaited album will certainly reflect her happy personality and passion for music.


The future is bright for the smooth songbird and dance diva.  Stay tuned!

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