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Charlie Wilson

As one of the most distinguished voices in R&B music, Charlie Wilson needs no introduction.  The Tulsa, Oklahoma native and former lead singer of the funkadelic brotherly trio, the GAP Band, is now going two for two with his second solo album on Jive Records, entitled UNCLE CHARLIE.  The album, which was released February 17, 2009, debuted at #1 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Chart and #2 on the Billboard Hot 200. 

This album debut was a career high for Wilson, charting higher than any of his previous projects, including the music he recorded with the GAP Band.
While most artists would be out on the road promoting their new album on the release date, Wilson took a different approach with this project and decided to go overseas to the Middle East to perform for our U.S. Troops.  “The smiles on their faces by shaking their hands, taking pictures, and watching them dance and have a ball at the concert with their fellow soldiers are memories that will stay with me forever.  I can’t wait to go back!” says Wilson.  He also recalls receiving the news about his impressive chart debut prior to his last show at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq.  “I just felt like God is good.”
In addition to concerts and interviews, Wilson has also become a spokesperson for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  “I am in remission for prostate cancer due to an early diagnosis” he states.  When I Iearned that 1 in every 6 men would be diagnosed with prostate cancer including 1 in every 3 African American men, I knew it was time to start “informing as well as performing.”  (www.prostatecancerfoundation.org)


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