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Crystal Nicole has spent the last three years celebrating her work through the success of some of music’s biggest and brightest starlets.  As one of the industry’s most in-demand writers, Crystal Nicole’s name is synonymous with big anthems, creative analogies and romantic love ballads.  Scoring number one singles on Mariah, Natasha Bedingfield, Monica and Rhianna, her abilities as a songwriter are as diverse as her discography suggests. After working with some of the biggest names in music, the tides turned for Crystal Nicole from her present success back to her roots.

Before the placements on Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson,   Brandy and countless others, Crystal Nicole was the girl who was always singing.  Growing up in Decatur, GA her voice was the gift that always made room. From church to school choir and later to lead vocals in her numerous girl groups, Cystal Nicole’s vocals were undeniable.  She realized early on that her talent and dedication were uncommon and most of the young women she coerced to be in a singing group, simply put didn’t have the combination she possessed. Dedicated to her music, throughout her teen years Crystal Nicole organized several girl groups trying to motivate others by sharing her dreams and passion for music, but the end result was always the same. She was left disappointed and alone in the studio with only music to comfort her.

After her last attempt at a group failed, Crystal Nicole debated giving up but realized music was too strong a magnet for her. She was drawn to the studio like a negative to a positive, there was no other option. Songwriting was a suggestion from her manager who instinctively knew she was meant to do music and thought she may need to go another route to accomplishing her goals.  She trusted his judgment and the two of them worked on establishing Crystal Nicole as a songwriter. Tricky’s innate perception paid off and after working for a year, Crystal Nicole was signed to Dieniahmar publishing under industry legend Jermaine Dupri. Jermaine’s first order of business was to put Crystal Nicole in with his long-time pal Mariah Carey. The result was six singles on Mariah’s E=MC2 album and a number one hit with Mariah’s first single ‘Touch My Body’. After the Mariah Carey single, her life became a whirlwind with nine singles on major artists placed that first year.  Praised from everyone from Rodney Jerkins, Diddy, Beyonce and of course Jermaine Dupri; Crystal Nicole  went on to accept several awards including songwriter of the year for 2010, before her dreams of singing her own music would be realized.

While doing studio visits, politicking for placements with Tricky, Crystal Nicole met industry heavyweight Barry Hankerson.  Hankerson was smitten with Cristyle from the moment he laid eyes on her and asked her to sing for him.  After hearing her vocals and seeing what her pen was capable of Hankerson started the paperwork on signing Crystal Nicole to his imprint Blackground on Interscope Records.  After three years, Crystal Nicole would finally get her chance to do her own music and it came at a time that she least expected.

Crystal Nicole immediately began stockpiling records that would work with her artistry while continuing to write for others.  Her single “Pinch Me” was chosen as her debut and while the song refers to falling in love, it could also double as Crystal Nicole’s feelings about her newest endeavor as an artist. “Pinch Me” is slated for release July 2011, with the album to follow later in the year.  Crystal Nicole maintains that following her heart is what lead her to this place. She is excited about the opportunity to do her music in a larger capacity.

In addition to her artistry, Crystal Nicole also recently took on another title as a spokesperson for Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  She has always believed that music would be the medium God would use through her to bless others. The opportunity to speak up for silent victims of domestic violence through her BE THE VOICE campaign was a blessing as Crystal Nicole feels it will allow her to help others which for her is what music is really about.


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