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Brejé has been taking the music world by storm since his Scott Storch produced single “Glad We Met” which reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hip Hop R&B single sales chart. At the young age of 14, Brejé is an accomplished singer, rapper, dancer, actor, songwriter, recording and performing artist.

The Lunenburg High, Massachusetts freshman got his start at age 8 dancing for a band his older sisters were in, called IQ sharing stages with likes of the Jonas Brothers and Ne-Yo. That band was aptly named; his sister Sadiea, 22, is Pre-Med at Brown University and Nyla, 21, is studying fashion design at Northeastern. Brejé’s musical influences are diverse. He listened to blues and jazz with his beloved grandmothers (“Nanas”), as well as R&B, pop, rock, rap, country with his mom, dad, and older sisters.

Brejé has had performances and appearances with artists such as Mario, Fabolous, The New Boyz, and J. Holiday. As an actor, Brejé made his debut as “Garrett” in the short comedy film, My Genie, starring Raven Goodwin, helping him catch the attention of Disney and Nickelodeon. Recently, he auditioned for a role in a new ABC television series as well as for a new film.

In an interview with Scholastic, Brejé stated “The message I try to bring to kids is that you can do anything you want to do if you are willing to work at it,” he said. “You can’t get it if you don’t try,”

His debut album, Scene 1, recently dropped after a 12-week tour. With his beaming smile and sweet singing voice Brejé is sure to be a success and have all the tween girls swooning.

New Video: "Facebook Lover" CLICK HERE

Check him out in this “How to Love” cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPsRBSX9de4

You can find him at @BrejeGlobal and www.BrejeMusic.com


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