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Andre Mieux (A.M.X.)

Andre Mieux


Andre Mieux is an innovative, deeply creative young talent poised to make further strides along the career path begun when he was in elementary school. His music is R&B/Pop for the 2012 listener, peppered with hints of the past, with an eye and ear for the future.

His talent is fueled by his need to move freely through genres, taking elements from everything he sees and hears in the current trends to R&B and Contemporary Classical Music legends of the past.

Like the iconic Marvin Gaye, Andre is tall and handsome, and sometimes he can be, like Marvin, lushly romantic. He is as intense and driven as classical genius Van Cliburn, Jr. who achieved worldwide recognition in 1958 at the age of twenty-three, when he won the first quadrennial International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow..

At other times, he takes a bit of R. Kelly's approach and still further, he breathes in the dimensions of Michael Jackson-singing, dancing, producing and performing. It was Michael he wanted to be when he was six and his father's home video footage of tiny pajama- clad Andre proves it. The youngster was mindful of the image contemporary artists were projecting and early on compressed his hard-to-pronounce last name -MIEUX into MX, inserted the first letter of Andre and he became A.M.X.

He began writing, dancing and singing for a small group called Eagle Wings through his local church in West Covina, CA. By age 12, A.M.X. was producing music with Ricky Lawson, Grammy winning former member of the Yellowjackets.

Like his R&B ancestors, Andre did his career building, working at every music-themed task that would bring him closer to his goal, seizing every opportunity to learn more, further his awareness, clarify and position his expertise.

He worked with Hip Hop royalty Snoop Dogg on his single "You Made Me Change My Number." He teamed up with Grammy Award nominated production duo Da Internz, Sean Brown, Shorty Mack and Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, as further examples of his intention to completely mix musical genres and talents. He also has worked with Showtime Television on " Stunt Divas" and Sid Burston Productions on "Get Thee Behind Me." He was a member of Trilogy Productions, whose team was responsible for placements on dozens of pop and R&B projects and TV series.

All of these influences filter inside Andre's extensive and deeply personal command of multiple areas of music. His dozen-plus years of classical music training magnifies his understanding of the direction music can take him.

"I describe my music as urban electro. It's a unique blend of R&B and Electro music. I really like bringing together different elements to create new sounds," explains Andre.

These days music expands into digital arenas. . A.M.X.'s recent mixtape "Broken Halo," was downloaded over 90,000 times on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes.

Like other great songwriters/producers/performers, A.M.X.'s songs are being eagerly sought after by other artists. His song, " Let Me Be the One" was recorded by the Korean boy band sensation SS501. Additionally, A.M.X. recently produced and co-wrote a song for the son of the late Robert DeBarge, Bobby Jr. entitled "One and Only." As an artist, A.M.X. ranked #4 on Billboards Next Big Sound Top 25.

Next up for Andre is the single "We Can Do Whatever." The single has elements of rap, pop and house, illuminating his ability to fuse genres. Andre says, "I definitely aspire to be a crossover artist. I don't want my music to only be in one box. Music is so universal so I want all types of people to appreciate my work and I want it to be heard on multiple radio stations."

There are so many more areas for Andre to explore. He wants to take his years of classical training into the area of film scoring and already tested his ability scoring the feature film "Wigger."

His creative vision knows no limits, is not confined inside easy descriptions. He is simply A.M.X.

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