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An engaging and confident young man, full of wit and lip, TAFARI – (who’s name means “fearless one”) Buchanan, was born in Kingston Jamaica to mother Joan Porteous and Reggae vintage artiste Big Youth.  TAFARI and his other siblings understood and enjoyed the life of an artist at an early age  so it was normal for him and his brother Isat Buchannan to set out on a musical journey and to pursue a career in this field.  At age thirteen (13) Isat Buchanan formed the group Thug Hype and they started making appearances at concerts and small clubs.  For four (4) years the demand on the teen circuit became enviable and customary, from then they knew they had created a base of loyal fans.


TAFARI however, became passionate about the music and decided to take it to another level.  He braved the criticisms by living up to his very powerful birth name “fearless one” and entered the music world professionally.  He toured with his Dad, appearing on gigs in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.  The experience gained from these performances enhanced his ability to perform before large audiences.  The enthusiastic responses and encouraging reviews also motivated the young vibrant and energetic artist to work harder and so in January 2004 TAFARI took the decision to produce his own materials.


During this time TAFARI collaborated with some of Jamaica’s popular Dancehall Giants such as Lady Saw, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel and Buju Banton. Working with these artists gave new meaning to TAFARI’s career and their encouragement further motivated the young rapper to continue on his journey.  However, his hunger for international recognition became his main focus and so he left Jamaica for the United States.


TAFARI met ace Dancehall/Reggae Producer, Tony Kelly and started working with him out of his Florida studio.  The partnership gave birth to a more confident artist who would seem to have once again regained his composure and allow himself to comfortably settle down and just concentrated on making music.   There he created a number of tracks and did a few collaborations with Wayne Wonder and Ava-Mae.  Having laid the tracks with Tony Kelly the need to cop a record deal was the next move. Tony Kelly presented to American Movie Director John Singleton, TAFARI’s video which was shot on location in Kingston Jamaica by Jay “Game Over” Will and Mr. Singleton was impressed.  Soon after three (3) of his Tafari's singles "Darker Side of Jamaica" written and produced by Tony CD Kelly, Bad Bad also produced by Tony Kelly and feature Tafari's long time friend and songstress Ava and an Intro by Tafari were featured as sound tracks in movie Illegal Tender.  The movie also featured among others, soundtracks by Run DMC, Wu Tang Clan, Damian Marley, Pitbull and Lil John.


Interviews by a few A&R, gave him a better understanding of what the international companies required and upon advise by an A&R at Sony he opted to increase his fan base.  TAFARI returned to Jamaica to kick off a six weeks promotional campaign, from Jamaica to Miami, he along with his team long time friend, Publicist, Consultant and C.E.O at New Image Promotions, Sophia McKay and then, business partner and friend  Karamo Rowe took to the streets.



2006, Tafari released his first independently produced single “Rude Bwoy Warning” and others including "Ain't No Stopping" featuring Junior 'One Blood' Reid.  Videos for both singles were shot on location in Kingston Jamaica. The Rude Bwoy Warning video was a depiction of the tale of two gangsters and featured top local actor Sony Tavares Finson while Aint No Stopping reflected 'street life' the hustle to get into the music industry.  Both videos sparked much controversy, however Rude Bwoy Warning, went on to hit number one spots on two local cable stations for three consecutive weeks respectively. Tafari admit that while he has no regrets about making music, he accepts that some of the lyrics he were spitting at that time were harsh and could have sent the wrong signals about him as a Jamerican Hip-Hop artiste.  Hence, he took the decision re-vamped his image, and presented friendlier music to his audience.





Well, whenever the 'Rude Boy' is not at his apartment home in Kingston where his family resides, he is in Florida his home.  he recalled sitting down one day and was inspired to write a song which he later called “Jamaican Thang”.  The lyrics he said, came to mind only minutes after over hearing news of crime and violence taking place in Jamaica so he wanted to tell the world through his music about the Jamaica he knows and “the way he sees it”. His artistic expression of the beautiful island, the people and their way of life on the track is an intriguing story that could only be told by someone who  experienced it “Jamaican Thang” as was appropriately named was laid down on an uptempo  beat that brought about a relaxing vibe.


Tafari went on to drop singles Money In My Pocket which immediately hit Itunes Top 100 Reggae songs chart upon release (video featured above), Cloud 9 featuring Jamaican artiste, Cecile, Dance The Night Away with his brother Isat, Not An Easy Road featuring his dad, Big Youth and a host of other singles.


Courtesy Of New Image Promotions