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Fyah Spryng


Kingston, Jamaica

Signature Records recording artiste, FYAH SPRYNG is steadily increasing the velocity around his career.

With the renewed focus being placed on his career and the creation and concentration of the brand FYAH SPRYNG, the artiste has redirected his energy into recording some strong hard hitting positive songs with his usual melodic finishing that can be related to and accepted globally by music lovers.

FYAH SPRYNG and his Management Team, Signature, has been doing a lot of groundation work which will make him a force to be reckoned with in years to come.  The artiste is slowly increasing his visibility as his music is being rotated on various Radio Stations locally as well as other Stations in the United States of America, England, Canada, Africa and in various European Countries.

Currently, FYAH SPRYNG has released the official video of "Head Above Water"which is being played on Television Stations locally and can also be seen on youtube.  A recent release of the late Garnet Silk's "Everything I've Got", done in memory of the artiste on his Earth Strong, born April 2, who happens to be one of FYAH SPRYNGS' mentor is well received.

FYAH SPRYNG now releases "Don't Cry" (Mama & Daddy), ahead of Mother's Day and Father's Day and would like to let the masses know that Mama and Daddy is to be honored everyday of the year throughout life and death and not just only on a selected day within a particular month.

Since the start of the year 2012, FYAH SPRYNG has done a number of community shows working on his visibility, with his biggest performance being the Tribute To Peter Tosh Show in February and recently The Empress Menen Banquet and Awards held in this month, April 2012.

The artiste is currently working on his album "World Issues" to be released later this year.


“Don’t Cry” (Mama & Daddy)  -  http://signaturerecordsonline.com/free-downloads/fyah-spryng-dont-cry-mama-daddy.html "Everything I've Got” - http://signaturerecordsonline.com/free-downloads/fyah-spryng-everything-ive-got.html

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