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DJ Kid Capri X Monster Products = (SALUTE THE DJ)

Kid Capri


Monster® was founded nearly 35 years ago with the singular goal to enhance the audio sound experience. Monster’s rich tradition of High Performance A/V cables, speakers, and pro audio equipment has built an unparalleled reputation amongst aficionado's and consumers a like.

While continually seeking to build on its legacy, and innovate, Monster has bolstered its ties with key lifestyle tastemakers including The DJ!! Because Monster has grown the "Monster DJ Commission" roster and its "Salute The DJ" initiative, a new relationship has been formed.
DJ Envy and Monster have aligned to support DJ culture and advance the appreciation of superb sound quality in audio equipment.

Monster's initiative began with a handful of DJs and a goal. The goal was and continues to be to appreciate, promote and cultivate the DJ lifestyle. Those DJs chosen are the "leaders of the pack" in DJ culture. It's inherent in the definition of a "DJ Icon" to be a pioneer and vanguard amongst their peers. DJ Kid Capri's reputation and resume exemplify what Monster was looking for.




DJ Kid Capri, a NY native was birthed into Hip Hop being raised in the origin of the music and culture, the Bronx. Capri's meteoric rise in the late 80's started from spinning at popular night clubs including the legendary "Studio 54" as a guest DJ. Eventually Capri's popularity grew even further from selling his nightly DJ sets as "Mixtapes". Kid Capri is widely recognized as the "Prime Minister of Mixtapes" bec. he created an underground empire from it. As Capri's brand grew he went on to become a household name from the 10-seasons he spent on the ground breaking HBO series "Def Comedy Jam". As a DJ Kid Capri was unrivaled by his contemporaries due to his precise scratches, musical selection and microphone mastery. By the late 90's Kid Capri was the highest paid and sort after Hip Hop DJ for over a decade. Kid went on to drop several albums and becoming a Grammy-Award winning producer. Producing tracks for everyone from Jay-Z, Big L, to Quincy Jones and Madonna.

It's been years since Capri has toured with the likes of P. Diddy, Nas, Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly and countless other Pop Stars but you couldn't tell based on his reputation for excellence. That was one of the many reasons why "VH1's Master of The Mix" has had Capri as the lead judge on the popular DJ Battle Reality series.

After a exemplary career which has extended through (4) Decades, Kid Capri's career seems to show no signs of slowing down. He is currently on tour through out Japan and continues to travel the states leaving crowds of ppl smiling. There is no question that Kid Capri is a legend and has left and indelible mark on DJ and Music Culture. That's why Monster Products is Saluting the DJ Kid Capri!!!

Kid Capri



The "Salute The DJ" initiative will be expanding into a series of events, exhibits, musical compositions and culturally relevant showcases of superior sound equipment.

Be on the lookout for our BET Hip Hop Award partnerships Sept. 25th-Sept. 29th 2013 in Atl, GA.

To find out more information about what DJ Kid Capri is up to follow his social feeds @ http://itsmyurls.com/kidcapri

Kid Capri



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