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Hot 97's Who's Next Live at SOB's in NYC Sept 2014


Thursday night at SOB’s in New York City, Hot 97 showcased three more artist on its ‘Who’s Next’ series, an event which takes place once a month. The crowd was friendly and full of energy, ready to party, and ready to check out the new music from the three artists on the card for the night, BJ the Kid, Mila J, and the one who took the crowd down, Adrian Marcel. Due to us covering other events that evening, we actually arrived late and was not able to see BJ the Chicago Kid perform. Judging by what I found on the Internet, especially his track “Good Luv” I’m guessing we missed a real treat. The last artist to take the stage was Mila J, a singer, songwriter, rapper, and dancer from Los Angeles, California. I’m trying to understand why she was chosen as the artist to go on last. From what I understand it should be the performance that would bring the house down. Mila J is a terrific artist and had great performance that night and no hard feelings Mila J, but it seemed that Adrian Marcel was the one to bring the house down.

To find out more about how the performances went read my complete write-up on the performances in the October 20th issue of Entrigue Magazine.

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