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Hot 97's Who's Next? June 2015

Who's Next? June 2015

Tuesday June 21st 2015 Entrigue Magazine was invited to cover Hot 97’s Who’s Next at S.O.B.’s in downtown Manhattan. Doors opened at 8pm but the crowd didn’t start piling in until 9pm – 9:15pm. Finally sometime around 9:30pm the acts began to step on stage to perform. However, once again Hot 97 had a terrific line up with DonMonique, Dougie F., and D.R.A.M. The artists performed in that order and each artist bought their own dynamic styles to the stage, pumping up the crowd and receiving heavy cheers and applauses. The crowd was treated to music by DJ Juanyto who spinned some favorites from the past and a lot of top hip hop and R&B hits of today. Host Shani Kulture got the crowd revved up introducing each artist that was to perform.


DonMonique is a New York City based rapper who has recently released her debut EP titled “Thirst Trap” containing 8 tracks. DonMonique previously released hit single tracks such as “Pilates”, and “Tha Low” which featured Slayter & Danny Brown.

Dougie F

Dougie F is a native of Orange, New Jersey and a fan favorite at Hot 97’s Who’s Next event. Writing all his music and producing most of his music, Dougie F, along with his manager Bilal Joseph set out to make Dougie F a name recognized nationally and internationally.


D.R.A.M., which is pronounced drahm, is an independent artist from Hampton, Virginia. D.R.A.M. which is an abbreviation for Does Real Ass Music, was positively the fan favorite and headliner of the Who’s Next event. He had the crowd on level 10 from moment he stepped on stage to his exit upon finish his last song and giving props and thanks to his team, fans, and all in attendance tonight.


See more from these artist in the August 15th issue of Entrigue Magazine.

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